Uber and The Stanford Prison Experiment

In August of 1971, a Stanford psychology professor conducted an experiment to study the psychological effects of perceived power. To do this, he recruited 24 college-aged men to participate in a 1-2 week study in a simulated prison in the basement of the psychology building at Stanford. Applicants were screened for the study. The researchers […]


7 Must Ask Questions for Your Next Job Interview

Too many people walk into job interviews with a passive attitude, just looking to get the offer. If you want to find the right job for you, the interview is your best chance to figure that out. Remember, job descriptions are part marketing, part wish list. You can’t rely on that alone to make a […]


Improving Morale Isn’t What You Think

Recent studies have shown that the best companies to work for post 3x higher returns than the stock market average, pointing to culture as a strategic asset. So, should you be concerned when you hear that “morale is low” in the office? What exactly does that mean? Morale is defined as “confidence, enthusiasm, and discipline […]


Stop talking about innovation

Buzzwords get annoying, especially when that is all they are – words. Instead of prodding your team to innovate, kick off an innovation action plan. Here is what it should contain: Celebrate Failures. It sounds crazy, right? The key here is celebrating the right kind of failures. Congratulate people who take risks and learn. Emphasize […]

6 Keys to Impactful Employee Recognition

You’ve been there. It’s the monthly staff meeting, and you all sit nibbling your box-lunch dry sandwiches while your manager drones on about goals and new contracts. Eventually, she gets to the employee of the month award. She pulls out the parchment looking certificate and starts talking about how that parking spot by the door […]


4 Signs That You Need Culture Help

You probably never thought about it, but culture is your biggest strategic asset. It is the one thing that your competitors can’t copy, undercut or leapfrog. It can enable the company to attract and keep the best employees. One bad culture move can cause enormous damage to your reputation, sales and recruiting efforts, or even […]

Millennials Know That We Lied to Them

“Professor? I was thinking about this assignment. You asked us to come up with our story and figure out what makes us different. I mean… I just can’t think of anything special about me.” As part of an upper division college course for engineering students, I ask them to use some marketing techniques to prepare […]

bathroom 3-crop

Is Your Bathroom Badmouthing You?

Did you know that your bathroom whispers to your employees and customers? Visiting the restroom is a peek behind the curtain. It reveals what management really thinks. Nothing says, “I don’t care about you” like overflowing trash cans, empty soap dispensers, and having to go from stall to stall to find toilet paper. It is […]

2016 Company Culture Survey

Spruce Consulting Group’s Corporate Culture Survey 2016  This year’s survey uncovers how companies are addressing cultural goals. While the importance of company culture is widely recognized, most companies are not achieving their culture goals. Nearly half of those surveyed have no way formally measure company culture. Those that do try to measure rely on more […]