Engineering Excellence in Company Culture

Culture is your most important strategic asset. You must manage it intentionally to improve company performance.


Why Manage Culture?

75% of companies we surveyed include culture elements in their goals. Here are just a few ways that managing culture can help you.
Sleep at Night

Feel better knowing you are doing the right thing by your employees.

Bring Joy to Work

Joy at work has the strongest correlation to company performance.

Reduce Turnover

Strong positive cultures have lower turnover, reducing the costs of recruitment, hiring and onboarding.

Employee Health

Studies show that employees in high trust workplaces suffer fewer stress-related health problems.


The best companies to work for provide returns nearly 3x the stock market average.

Customer Satisfaction

High-trust companies average up to 10% higher customer service scores than average.

Fewer Mistakes

Higher engagement is tied to fewer accidents, and fewer errors and defects.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Culture is the #1 cause of deals failing to meet expectations.

How to Manage Culture

Our auditors and culture coaches inspire teams, build trust, and hold you accountable.
Culture Audits

We create accountability which makes things happen, keeping your team focused on action oriented improvements.

Measure for Results

You get what you measure. If you don't have a structured system in place, you are leaving your most important asset's performance to chance.

Customized Systems

We help you design a system and a culture that fits your strategy. There's more to it than just saying you want it to be great.


Bring out the best in your leaders with targeted our personal assistance focused on helping them grow and improve.